Christian Internet Marketing

Christian Internet Marketing

It has been our privilege to bring greater visibility and brand recognition to our brethren through natural search engine positioning so that vastly less money is spent on traditional internet marketing methods such as site advertising and Pay-Per-Click campaigns, enabling them to build email and land mail lists for marketing their products and/or services for a fraction of what traditional methods of list acquisitions cost.

We are Team Builders and Team Players. We build systems and train resident in-house staff to continue what we have done long into the future. We provide the direction, the training and build the platform on which they stand and through daily SEO operations and guidance, we leave systems in place that continue to work well long into the future and cost a fraction of what it cost their competitors.

Q: Why hire an anointed Spirit-Filled expert when there are so many choices out there? Isn't know-how all that counts?

A: The Word "anointing" in the New Testament is: chrisma (pronounced khris\'-mah). It means an unguent or smearing, that is, (figuratively) the special endowment (“chrism”) of the Holy Spirit: - anointing, unction.

In the Old testament it is mâshach (pronounced maw-shakh\'). This is the word from which we get Messiah (the Anointed One). It means to rub (as with oil), and also to paint (with).

Make sure that the Anointing, the spirit or Spirit that is upon your choice for a Christian Search Engine Optimization Expert is something you want your work to be in direct contact with.


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